Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rhythm Quiz, Quiz, Trade

I came across the idea of Quiz, Quiz, Trade on another teachers blog and loved it! The idea is that you take a concept children can show to each other and they partner up, show each other the item and "quiz" each other. Today I tried it out and it's AWESOME! Great way for the kids to self-assess and assess each other without the pressure of the teacher assessing. :) Here's what I used: I gave one strip of rhythm to each student as they were coming in and then explained they were to partner up and partner A would read the rhythm partner B was holding up, then partner B would read the rhythm partner A was holding up. If they couldn't remember how to read the rhythm they could ask questions of their partner or neighbor. Then, once the rhythms were performed correctly, they would trade rhythm strips and find a new partner. This could be used for instrument families, names, dynamics, tempo markings; pretty much any concept!! The kids loved the change in reading rhythms when they first came in and I loved that they enjoyed the fast paced review!


  1. So awesome thank you for the great idea!


    1. My kids LOVED it and it broke up the regular schedule of "let's read rhythms now". Fun, fun!