Monday, May 21, 2012

End of Year Campfire Sing Along Part II

This is a powerpoint for Bazooka Bubblegum- so much fun! Every time you sing "Bubblegum, Bazooka, Zooka Bubblegum...." hands clasped over head and hands and hips "hula hoop". I have the kids sit for the rap and stand for the "Bubblegum" part. They BEG to do this over and over! In case the song doesn't play with the ppt, try this: music can be found here: And if you want to convert the video to an mp3 to play it w/o the video- my favorite youtube to mp3 converter: Powerpoint: (I created this one and the Found a Peanut): Bazooka Bubblegum Another end of year favorite: Found a Peanut! Great song- play on guitar using on C/G7 chords- easy, fun- my timing may be a little off- we slow down during "Died Anyway" and "Went to Heaven". Found a Peanut1 Hope these work- if not I'll try to fix them tomorrow!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of the Year Music Craziness!

So... I decided to go all out this year at the end of the school year and to do something I've wanted to do for a LONG time.. I researched all of my favorite (stress.. MY) camp songs/silly songs/fun songs and I've made a list. Some of these.. OK.. many of these were new to me as I have limited experiences at summer camp... I think I went 3 summers! BUT- I have AWESOME memories of singing around a campfire with others and doing some silly, fun, whack-a-noodle songs! So- I am bringing in some REAL logs, adding some fake fire, and we are going to do "camp" in the middle of the music room- oh, and did I mention fire- well.. you'd never believe WHAT you can find on youtube- first thing to share with you is a lovely crackling fire you can project on your wall/smartboard/whiteboard- yup... complete with sounds of lapping waves.. the perfect campfire! And now the list of the songs I've "newly discovered", rediscovered or just plain love! Many of these are on youtube- some are included in the youtube playlist I've added at the end of this post. One Green Jelly Bean/ On Top of Spaghetti/ One Bottle Of Pop/ My Hat it Has 3 Corners/ The Court of King Carraticus/ Hole in the Middle of the Sea/ Dr. Knickerbocker/ Once an Austrian Went Yodeling/ I Love the Mountains/ Grandma’s Feather Bed/ My Aunt Came Back/ There’s a Wiggle in my Toe/ Green Grass Grows All Around/ Catalina Magdalina/ Goin’ on a Bear Hunt/ Found a Peanut/ Go Bananas/ Boom Chicka Boom/ Bazooka Bubble Gum/ Slippery Fish (Octopus)/ Baby Shark/ Silly Pirate Song/ Slaves of Job/ Pizza Hut/ Cup Games/ Eating Betty Crocker/ Wisconsin Milk/ Chili Chili/ Humpty Dumpty Rap/ Wobble Song (youtube)/ Kinderpolka (dance from Step Lively)- LOVE THIS collection!/ Sasha (Dance- also from Step Lively) AWESOME!!!!! Here's a bunch from the list that can be found on youtube- great place to learn them so you can sing 'em with the kiddos!