Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of the Year Music Craziness!

So... I decided to go all out this year at the end of the school year and to do something I've wanted to do for a LONG time.. I researched all of my favorite (stress.. MY) camp songs/silly songs/fun songs and I've made a list. Some of these.. OK.. many of these were new to me as I have limited experiences at summer camp... I think I went 3 summers! BUT- I have AWESOME memories of singing around a campfire with others and doing some silly, fun, whack-a-noodle songs! So- I am bringing in some REAL logs, adding some fake fire, and we are going to do "camp" in the middle of the music room- oh, and did I mention fire- well.. you'd never believe WHAT you can find on youtube- first thing to share with you is a lovely crackling fire you can project on your wall/smartboard/whiteboard- yup... complete with sounds of lapping waves.. the perfect campfire! And now the list of the songs I've "newly discovered", rediscovered or just plain love! Many of these are on youtube- some are included in the youtube playlist I've added at the end of this post. One Green Jelly Bean/ On Top of Spaghetti/ One Bottle Of Pop/ My Hat it Has 3 Corners/ The Court of King Carraticus/ Hole in the Middle of the Sea/ Dr. Knickerbocker/ Once an Austrian Went Yodeling/ I Love the Mountains/ Grandma’s Feather Bed/ My Aunt Came Back/ There’s a Wiggle in my Toe/ Green Grass Grows All Around/ Catalina Magdalina/ Goin’ on a Bear Hunt/ Found a Peanut/ Go Bananas/ Boom Chicka Boom/ Bazooka Bubble Gum/ Slippery Fish (Octopus)/ Baby Shark/ Silly Pirate Song/ Slaves of Job/ Pizza Hut/ Cup Games/ Eating Betty Crocker/ Wisconsin Milk/ Chili Chili/ Humpty Dumpty Rap/ Wobble Song (youtube)/ Kinderpolka (dance from Step Lively)- LOVE THIS collection!/ Sasha (Dance- also from Step Lively) AWESOME!!!!! Here's a bunch from the list that can be found on youtube- great place to learn them so you can sing 'em with the kiddos!

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