Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aquarium Idea

This is an idea developed by my friend Laurie and I. We are presenting in a couple weeks at a workshop and had originally wanted to use slinkies but they are kinky and can be expensive for a classroom set. The solution? Dollar Tree paper plates! Cheap and colorful! Ask your art teacher to have the kiddos cut these into spirals. Hold the middle part and let the rest of the spiral fall.. I know, I should've taken a picture but if you try it you'll get the idea! Use Carnival of the Animals "Aquarium" music. Tell the students you are going to take a trip today under the ocean; share pictures of octopus, coral, whales, jellyfish, etc. Tell them today they are going to be a jellyfish; ask them how jellyfish move; can they move their hand like a jellys? Legs like jellys, head like jellys, bodies like jellys? Now, standing and holding their paper jellyfish (aka spirals) play the music and move to the music; no jellys touching each other because they'll sting each other and die (you'll come tap on their shoulders and they'll sit). Parts of the music have lots of descending passages, demonstrate to the class how to move your jellyfish from high to low. This is a fun, easy activity.. turn the lights out and use one of those rotating ocean animal nighlights.. a true "hit"! Enjoy!