Thursday, June 25, 2015

Songs of Summer

Ah... summer!  Long days, full of dreaming and being "off" schedule.  How we teachers LOVE it!!  Blessed, aren't we?  Yes in some ways, although personally I would like to teach in a year round school where student retention is higher and the students don't need August and part of September (here in NC we start mid-August) to remember what a quarter note is.  Summer brain drain.  Personally I would also love to be able to take a family vacation not centered around the hot months of June and July or at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Although we get spring break in March, that is usually an extremely busy time for my husband so he can't take off.  But, oh, how I would love to go somewhere in October or February! 
As I write this I am sitting in a cottage 5' from the ocean in Maine.  The sun is shining, it's quarter to 8 in the AM and the water (high tide right now) is gently lapping at the rocks because a lobster boat just went by hauling traps.  I am a proud Mainer, or Maineiac as we say, born here as were my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  I escaped and am now an MIE; Mainer in Exile.  Ha!  Just kidding.  I chose to move and love North Carolina, but really miss Maine in the summer so we make the long (!!!) drive every other year and rent the same cottage in Maine and it is amazing.  A few pics to make you want to visit:
Building rock sculptures/cairns, kayaking (yup, me with my daughter, who thinks she is a pro kayaker now), watching sunsets, pic on the right taken last night), finding sea glass (we have over 20# to take home this time!!), eating lobster, crab, scallops, clams, shrimp, haddock.. yum! I love swinging on the rope swing at Mackeral Cove, as does my daughter.. you swing over sea roses and beach and it's a blast. I also love seeing family and friends while home.  My sweet friend of over 23 years, C., is also a music teacher; we met in college after both of transferred from music conservatories; she from Berklee in Boston, me from Hartt in Connecticut. People thought we were siblings as we both had the same last name.  I visited with C. and her daughter yesterday and it was such a sweet time with such a sweet friend. 
Of course we talked shop; she teaches middle school and also directs six yes, SIX vocal ensembles ranging in age from itty bitties to grown ups, and has taken them on tours throughout the world; a couple years ago it was Africa, next year part of Europe!  She's insanely talented and an amazing jazz pianist!  We often "see" each other on FB and we pin many of the same pins on pinterest.  We had a great visit talking polyrhythms, bucket drumming, body percussion, Keith Terry, musicals, and song titles.  Ah.. the songs of summer!  I hope you are enjoying your summer season and that you rejuvenating your spirit!  Now, go out and sing a little!