Monday, July 22, 2013

ABC Music App Review

This is a great app for learning about various instuments! Not only classical instruments but global, ethnic, and instruments from other time periods. Click here for a better review than I could write!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Singing Fingers App Review

In the true spirit of Orff Schulwerk, the app "Singing Fingers' is pretty wonderful; it encourages full on exploration of sound and active music making and can become pretty addictive; last week my 5 year old and my 70 year old Dad were both playing it together! Here is a great review of the app with many ways to use it in the classroom: And a preview so you can see some of what it can do here: Have fun! More to come soon!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Music and Emotion

We have been in Maine for two and a half weeks on vacation- amazing time with my family there and trips to various places and kayaking, hunting for sea glass, trips to islands, etc. We got back tonight and I was going to post on another ipad app, but I can't... I have been praying for a little girl adopted from China as our little girl was, and Teresa (the little one I've prayed for) had multiple surgeries including a heart transplant and she sadly rejected the heart and passed away this afternoon. She was 6! God gave her the new heart and lungs she needed and she is out of pain and dancing in a fancy princess dress (she loved princesses and tiaras!) in Heaven. But, oh, how I cried for the battle she fought so valiantly and for her sweet family who have 7 other children, 4 from China. You already know my beliefs and I believe her family WILL see her again, simply not this side of Heaven. I cried for her family and then made the mistake of putting some music on. It never fails to amaze me; the POWER of music to amplify emotions; magnifies the joy and intensifies the pain. I will post later about ipad apps, just need some time to remember a little girl named Teresa...