Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break is HERE!!!

Most of you know that I had to have major surgery in December which turned into 2 surgeries and after this morning at the wound care center, it looks like another will be in a couple weeks... arghh!!! We are on spring break this week and even though it is not the weather I would like it's still sunny today, although a little chilly but I'll take the sun anyday- even when it's cold. As I'm looking at not being able to go back to school full-time I am working on some ideas for centers in the music room and have found several on pinterest- I'll put them here once I'm finished creating and modifying them- I'm working on the following: *Music Instrument Match Up Folders *Musical Math Cards *Rhythm Round About Come back soon to look for them!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back to School!

This past week was my first week back since I had to have emergency surgery Dec. 13th! Three months and another surgery later, I was back- only half days, though, which I am soooooo glad I did! This week we have spring break so we're out and I'm trying to get my stamina up! Next week I'll be going in for half days again then full time April 8th (day after my birthday). I'll be full-time for about 6 and a half weeks and then school is done... wow, short school year!!! I am currently working on lessons that allow me to not have to be up and down all the time (my typical way of teaching) and I'm coming up with a ton of ways- working on some center ideas right now..I'll be sharing some within the next week or so. Happy spring!