Saturday, February 12, 2022


 An auspicious day to be sure - February 22nd, 2022, 2-22-2022 is also happening on a TUEsday!  


One of the most wonderful things that has come from the pandemic are some amazing friendships forged online. Kathy was teaching in Japan when we met and we have chatted many times about collaborating as we both love playful music making.  Kathy wrote this fun song to celebrate the occasion.  Many thanks to her for sharing it! Here are Kathy and I zooming Saturday!

Kathy's bio:
Kathleen Kampa specializes in working with young learners. As a PYP (Primary Years Program) teacher, she uses an inquiry-based approach to teaching through which students develop global skills. Kathleen strives to help all students feel supported, balanced, and successful in the classroom. She supports the development of English language skills by creating songs, chants, and movement activities targeted to young learners' overall needs.
Kathleen and her husband Charles Vilina are co-authors of Beehive, Magic Time, Everybody Up, and the ELTon award-winning course Oxford Discover, published by Oxford University Press.  Kathleen's two CDs for young learners, Kathy Kampa's Special Days and Holidays and Jump Jump Everyone, build English language skills through music and movement while nurturing creativity and imagination.

This song would be perfect to have 2-3 small groups create 4 or 8-beat body percussion ostinato patterns to accompany the song!  You might want to wear your tutu or have a dance party with your class at 2:22 PM! 

Here is the song with a bordun pattern and percussive ostinato that could be adapted for body percussion or instruments.

Hope you enjoy it! 

Friday, February 4, 2022

Mini Workshop with James Allen

 Friends, I am so excited about this mini-workshop! James is an amazing music teacher and drummer and recently presented at the AOSA Conference.  When I saw his presentation I was awed at how masterfully and beautifully he taught - I can't wait for you to have some fun with him Monday! As always, for those who can't make it live, the mini-workshop will be recorded and posted within 24 hours. 

All for about the price of a cup of coffee!