Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Rhythms with Sixteenth Notes.. for 3rd/4th/5th grade

This is along the same idea as the previously published Halloween Rhythm Slides for 2nd grade only this time with sixteenth, sixteenth and eighths, eighths and sixteenths, quarter, and eighth note rhythm patterns. There is a PDF available (email me at OR save each slide (right click, save as) and then insert into powerpoint. SO much fun.. my third graders just learned sixteenth notes about a month ago so this is great practice for them. See previous post below about how to use with manipulatives and heart chart and have a little contest in the classroom or just use for self-assessment. See the 2nd Grade Halloween Rhythm slides. Have fun! Enjoy the weekend! It's cold here in NC! Heading to Denver in a couple weeks for the National Orff Conference- first time presenting there! SO excited! Hope to meet/see some of you there!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sing Me A Monster

I love Halloween songs and music, but I'm always looking for ways to encourage solo singing. Some groups of children are amazing, and others, well.. *sigh*... it's a struggle to get them to use their singing voices as a solo; sound great together, but then there are those groups or children who LOVE to talk but are shy about their singing voices, particularly as a solo instrument. I encourage and we do a lot of solo singing and was so excited earlier today when I had my first graders who LOVED singing a monster! I am a digital scrapbooker and, as such, have quite a large collection of digital graphics and images. You can find lots of VERY cute monster images on google by doing a search for "cute monster images" or "monster cartoon image". These were the ones I printed, laminated, and cut: Here are a few to get you started: First I showed the students a monster card and I talked about the details, then using "Sol and Mi" I sang a short song about the details. Do this a few times with more monster cards, then give each child a monster and ask them to notice the details; how many eyes, hands, what color, big, small, dots, smiles, etc. I let them show their monster to a neighbor but ONLY 1 neighbor, otherwise, keep your monster "classified, top secret". Use the toy microphone (thank you Dollar Tree!) and the teacher sings, "Sing Me a Monster" on "Sol Mi Mi Sol Mi" and the student sings back details about their monster. If a child is too shy, ask them what details we could sing about, then the teacher sings and the whole class echoes the teacher. After each child sings about their monster they show it to the "world".. giggles, snorts, and whoops and hollers! Have fun!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Rhythm Dictation slides for Powerpoint (Quarter and Eighth Notes)

I made this last week for my 2nd graders and we had a great time using it! Let me know if you'd like the pdf instead of the pictures.. save into a powerpoint! Teaching process is on the bottom, as is a printable 4 beat heart chart (soooo awesome.. not sure who to credit this idea to but it works like a charm!). Use the manipulatives suggested (small Halloween erasers from Target dollar spot) or make your own! Great to use as a self-assessment!