Monday, May 21, 2012

End of Year Campfire Sing Along Part II

This is a powerpoint for Bazooka Bubblegum- so much fun! Every time you sing "Bubblegum, Bazooka, Zooka Bubblegum...." hands clasped over head and hands and hips "hula hoop". I have the kids sit for the rap and stand for the "Bubblegum" part. They BEG to do this over and over! In case the song doesn't play with the ppt, try this: music can be found here: And if you want to convert the video to an mp3 to play it w/o the video- my favorite youtube to mp3 converter: Powerpoint: (I created this one and the Found a Peanut): Bazooka Bubblegum Another end of year favorite: Found a Peanut! Great song- play on guitar using on C/G7 chords- easy, fun- my timing may be a little off- we slow down during "Died Anyway" and "Went to Heaven". Found a Peanut1 Hope these work- if not I'll try to fix them tomorrow!

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