Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First 3 days.. WAHOO.. half of the first week done!

Silly me.. I always forget how much energy it takes to teach.. the first week is sooo tough! Thank goodness that there are only 2 days left this week! The great news is that I have seen all my students for the first time so starting tomorrow we can dig deep! One truly fun activity I do with the kids every year is something I learned when student teaching and I have since modified a gazillion times; "Knees-a-knees-a-pizza-pie". It's a great steady beat "warm-up" activity! I use this with junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes at the beginning of each class and it sets a great tone! Ahhhhh (glissando low to high while raising both hands from knees to overhead) Repeat each of the following and then while performing the action that goes with it, say "take it to your..." and then you move to the next body part. Knees a knees a pizza pie, a knees a knees a pizza pie (pat hands on knees to the steady beat) then say, "take it to your..." Head, head, don't break your bed (repeat) (pat your head with both hands).. then "take it to your..." Heeps, heeps (repeat for total of 8 beats)(touch both hips with hands and say this in a high squeaky voice, then "take it to your.." Nose a nose a nobody knows (repeat) (touch hands one a time to the nose), then.. take it ... Tummy, yummy, yummy, yummy (repeat) (tap hands on tummy, left, then right hand, etc... Eyes, eyes, blink your eyes, then say, "ADD YOUR MOUTH" and make kissy sounds to the beat, then say, "ADD YOUR NOSE" and wrinkle your nose.. do this with eyebrows.. lift and lower eyebrows.. etc. You can add lots of body parts.. teeth, tongue (students love to click their tongues). Students also LOVE and laugh hilariously when I make a "mistake"; which means I make an INTENTIONAL mistake.. saying "take it to your head..." and patting my tummy instead... this takes a little practicing but it is SO fun!!! Enjoy!


  1. Great idea! I love this game and your variations are so fun :) #fermatafridays

  2. Would love to see a video of you demonstrating this. ;)

  3. Would love to see a video of you demonstrating this. ;)