Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bring it ON!!! It Starts Tomorrow!

It's 7:42 and I'm watching TV and enjoying the winding down of another day and looking forward to the newness of another school year starting tomorrow. Every summer at my school (an independent, AKA private school just outside Charlotte, NC), our faculty read a book. Sometimes it's a good choice; OK, not earth shattering but confirming that we are moving in the right direction as a school, and sometimes, it's a GREAT read. This year was, for me, a GREAT read; What the Best College Students Do. For me, as a teacher in the creative art of music, I LOVE reading books that affirm and encourage creativity in all aspects of learning. This book does exactly that! I am excited about the many hugs, smiles, and discussions about summer travels and activities tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about our new year ahead; the changes, the work we will engage in as a community of teachers and learners. I look forward to facilitating a drum circle with our faculty Tuesday to further work on Adaptive Expertise and to create a musical piece with them. I look forward to a fresh start and all that comes with it. Happy New (School) Year!

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