Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jungle Rhythm

I started work on this project a couple weeks ago before school started and I wanted a jungle themed project for my fourth graders to review rhythms, specifically sixteenth eighth, eighth sixteenth, and sixteenth note rhythm patterns. Our school has a jungle theme this year... hence the rainforest/jungle words. There are a few pages of words or create your own. I used "Kingthings Annex" font to create the ones here. Free to download from several sites. Create your own jungle rhythms, print, laminate, and cut apart. Save and print off the accompanying page and then have students create 4 or 8 beat rhythmic phrases to drum, play on UPP (unpitched percussion), or Orff instruments/boomwhackers in a pentatonic key. Could be used as contrasting sections to a book about the jungle or to "Jungle Beat" chant from Lyn Kleiner's Jungle Beat book.. catchy syncopated rhythm, fun to drum. Lots of ways you could use this; I hope you find a few!


  1. Aimee - I can't get these pages to open full-size. Am I missing a link?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Becky Gillette, Minnesota

    1. If you'll send me an email at I will send them as a pdf for you.

  2. Hello,
    Love your site--used it many times. Wondering if the Jungle rhythm is available still in pdf. I am planning next year and have a couple of groups who love this kind of thing.