Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let Us Chase the Squirrels with Book, Games, and Extension Activity

Have you seen the tongue in cheek post on social media about women being "arrested" for selling dime bags of pumpkin pie spice? Signs of addiction are women breaking out fall boots, sweaters,  suede, and candles with pumpkin and apple smells. 
Fall is probably my favorite time of year.. well, it's a close tie with spring, but in North Carolina, our spring is dreadfully short!  It doesn't quite feel like fall, with temps still in the high 80's or low 90's everyday, I am READY for some cooler weather.
I love watching the squirrels run all over the place hoarding nuts and they don't seem to care that the weather here is, um, rather warm!
 Let Us Chase the Squirrels is such a fun song for this time of year!
Here is the song:

And two different games to play.

And of course, the MOST AWESOME, Those Darn Squirrels,  that is hysterically funny!



How do you store your lessons for your books?  I like to keep mine inside the book so when I go to use it is right at my fingertips. Make a little pocket out of cardstock, use packing tape to outline 3 sides. I can also stick a CD inside the pocket if I make a recording of myself reading the book.
Here is an extension activity for older students. Sing the song, then divide into groups and use some or all of the following ostinato to create a contrasting "B" section to the song. Transfer the ostinato to unpitched percussion?  Play on "coconuts" or other wood instruments?  What form?  Decisions, decisions, oh the kiddos will have fun with this one!

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