Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Draw a Bucket of Water

I know it's been a while since I posted but.... take your pick of the following reasons:
1.  School started! Yay and ugh all in one!
2.  I had to have knee surgery the 3rd week of school!  Yes, really - torn meniscus!
3.  My editor decided that my 2nd week of school was the best time to begin edits on my next book!
4.  Life got crazy!

I have always loved "Draw a Bucket of Water" and all its many variations.  I learned it during Orff Level I training I took in Boston many moons ago! 
Here's the version I know:

I love this song and the learning process that goes with it!
Begin by teaching motions independently; no partners or groups.  Ask one child to do the motions with you, then you each find a partner, then those partners find partners until eventually everyone has a partner. Perform with partners, then ask 2 partners to stay standing while the others sit and show everyone how the group of 4 works. So cute! 
There are many other versions of this song out there, here are a few from youtube:
1.  I love the sugar shake, such a fun variation!
2.  This one has scarves which is another nice variation:

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