Monday, August 10, 2015

Beginning of School Year.. Here it Comes!!!

Today was our first day back.. teacher meetings... UGH!  Looking forward to Wednesday when our Lower School (elementary school part of our JrK-12 independent school) goes to an extreme ropes course!  Our theme is teamwork this year and it should be interesting to see how we work together to complete the course!!! FUN!!!
I first posted on making music the first day a few years ago.. after all, the kids have heard blah, blah, blah rules from every class they have walked into.. why not make it a little more, ahem, musical? 
Here's a preview of the file.. including an idea page for how to use these.  I use these with upper grades in addition to name games and Sasha! Dance, I also use "I'm a Nut" and some other name songs.  Email me at for the pdf file.  :)  Hope you are ready for an amazing year!! I AM!!!

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