Sunday, August 16, 2015

Here We Gooooooo!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!  KIDDOS!!!

HAHAHA!!! I don't tremble.. ok, maybe a little.. not out of fear, but excitement, for sure!!
I have seen a few posts on facebook about teachers who are fearful, sad, and lacking in the excitement of the year and that frankly makes me sad.  I truly hope it is because of the situation/school/environment and not because of the fact they are teaching children and nervous about that.  After all, we are one of the few, the chosen, the incredibly blessed/lucky who are privileged enough to teach BOTH sides of the amazing brain; the creative and the analytical.
How cool is that??!!!

First day of school I use my Drums Rule/Drum Rules post (see below for previous post) with older kiddos.  Younger ones I use a Welcome to the Music Room song a friend wrote years ago and the poem "Ickity Tickity Bumblebee, can you say your name for me" while patsching and clapping, then they say their name and do an action (grades 1-2) which everyone has to copy. It's hilarious, silly, but also informs me quickly whether the students have a good grasp of beat.  I also use this one every now and again and put it into a new format for y'all.

Have fun and welcome to another year!!


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