Thursday, August 14, 2014

Books, Books, and MORE Books!

I LOVE BOOKS!!! Yes, the paper kind.. I'm a little anti-digital when it comes to the printed word!
I also love using them in the music room; they are a perfect vehicle to teach, review, sing, create, and play around with! 
Here are a few favorites; each one of these is a picture file you can download, print, and use!

*A note about organization; begin to make an excel spreadsheet or word doc that includes grade levels you would use the book with, what skills/concepts can be taught, and when you might use this during the year; for example, when I introduce rests with kindergarten students in the spring after experiencing it, now we're ready to label it, I will put in my Kindergarten sheet,  "Wide Mouthed Frog", SPRING, quarter notes, eighth notes, rest, LABEL rest, song, rhythm, Orff instruments.   
This helps me to keep track of not only what concepts/skills I can work on using that book, but when I might want to use it! 
Also, print a copy of the lesson, fold it and place it into the front page of the book!
Sorry the Mitten in the Snow visual organization page is out of place.. couldn't move it and it's late.. :)

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  1. This is awesome! I am definitely going to do the Brown Bear one with my kids, it's one of their favorite books! And people keep telling me I need to read Pete the Cat... next library trip!