Sunday, August 17, 2014

Books... and MORE.. Part 2

Books Part 2

Wonderful book with great illustrations of the varied ways vegetables grow.. up, down, and around.  Explore various ways to move arms, legs, whole body, etc., then teach song:

Begin with exploring moving up and down; play slide whistle and have students move up and down, vary playing slowly, quickly, legato, staccato, etc.  Then ask them to move one arm ONLY, then elbow only (very funny), hand only, thumb only.  It's an interesting thing to observe! 
Teach song; every time students sing "up" they will move higher, "down", lower, and they can choose HOW to move "'round and round".  Perform movements and song with book, then divide into small groups to create rhythms in 6/8 based on words like:  seeds, grow, plant, flowers, sunshine, and various names of veggies.  Develop first as a class and display. One rhythm possibility:  Eat your veggies.. ta, ti, ta, ti.  Play around with creating these ostinato, transfer to UPP (unpitched percussion) and add as a "B" section to song.  Perform again with book.
I LOVE this book!! The pop up version is the best.. truly!  I used this to teach and label rest with kindergarteners last year and it worked so very well! 


 My lovely friend and fellow music teacher, Noreen Hofmann wrote this song to Mortimer.. it is my favorite of the many "Mortimer" songs I've heard. Divide class in half once orchestration is learned; half will play/act the characters from the book, other half will play orchestration, switch.

Spring Is Here is a cutie patootie book your kids are sure to LOVE! A great lesson from fellow teacher and blogger, Thom Borden!  Recorder lesson, too!

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