Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Time for Camp Songs!

Last year at the end of the school year I started a new tradition of singing camp songs. The kids loved it, I loved it.. win, win! Truly, so much fun and they've already started asking for "Wisconsin Milk", "Found a Peanut" and "Bazooka Bubblegum". See posts from last year for a couple powerpoint slide shows I made to go with Peanut and Bubblegum. If you don't know "Baby Shark".. well, it's a bit gruesome and you can just do the first 5 or 6 and not all of the "verses". If you don't know the song search on youtube and you'll find it. SO fun! My fourth graders sing the WHOLE song and the itty bitties sing up to "Grandpa Shark" which they think is so very funny! Have fun! Happy Camping!

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  1. Yes!! I love camp songs and camp skits. My kids do, too! One of my favorite CDs for kids is Camp Lisa. Full of great camp songs! Good idea!


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