Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dice That Match Boomwhackers!

So I was walking through Education Express the other night and found these: I looked at them and immediately thought of Boomwhackers! These would be perfect as the colors (except the blue) match to C pentatonic! So I came up with this idea: Using these: This will be a fun center to add... I love using Boomwhackers for composition! I also came up with another one using one of the die written with letters in C pentatonic for Orff Instruments: I have another project in mind with the rest of the colored dice and it's also a composition project- hope to finish that one after school today! TWO DAYS LEFT!! WAHOO!!


  1. Great ideas! Found the cubes here shipping cost either!

    1. Hey Anne! So glad you found this useful and that you found some with free shipping! Love when that happens!

  2. Found them also on amazon for much cheaper. If you have prime it’s always free shipping. Thanks for the ideas!!! This sounds great!


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