Saturday, May 11, 2013

Camp Song powerpoint! FUN!!

If you don't sing camp songs at the end of the year, let me give you some encouragement- my students LOVE them and were so excited this past week when I told them that we were starting. They have asked for several we did last year- they LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! Here's a powerpoint file with Go Bananas- this one is crazy- if you are not familiar with this, it is a chant, not a song per se, and has actions. Look up ultimate camp resource on youtube and you'll find the basic Go Bananas song. We really love the cow part and the orange at the end has "squeeze" where everyone comes together for a gentle group hug. The kids really love this one and it's great for the end of the school year! Have fun with these!


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog... you have amazing ideas!! I MUST do this song this year with my students, or even at an assembly as a stretch break. I've been watching a lot of versions on YouTube, but no one has the cow verse. What are your motions? Sounds funny!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Heather! This is SOOOOO much fun.. yes, I added the cow verse.. I am a dairy farmer's daughter and grew up with about 100 dairy cows so I HAD to add the moo-moos! Actions: As you say "form the corn, form, form the corn" one arm comes up overhead, as you repeat that rhythm (ta,rest, ti ta, rest, ta, ta.. ti ta) and bring the other arm overhead to form the cow. The other fruits you do the same kinds of things.. pop the corn part; jump up and down with arms overhead on the "up" part of the jump. Mash potatoes; twist jumps; arms and legs in opposite directions as you jump. Go bananas; wiggle arms and legs like crazy. Slice the apple; make a chopping motion with hands. Build the house; move arms overhead to make a roof with arms, rock the house, hands up with pinkie, pointer, and thumbs extended (rock hands) and move head up and down like a rocker. Form the cow; move left pointer finger up by head, second form the cow, move right pointer finger up by head (this makes the horns of the cow). Tip the cow; with "horns" in place, tip over to the right and back up. Did I get them all.. can't remember. This is such a fun one; I love it and the kids do, also!