Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Music Centers

See my earlier post about centers. Here's a few more center ideas and some visuals for you to right click and save as and print! Drawing Notes Center sign and an extra blank sign: Here is the grid- we are using the 4x4 for this activity. I copied a bunch and put them in a folder and then in a large ziploc bbag with pencils included. Could easily put a few of them in plastic protective pages and add dry erase markers.! Another activity with them is thanks to mrs. King's music room blog- GREAT ideas here, folks! This is a composition activity using the grids- I have yet to make the sign up for this one but will definitely be adding it to my bucket of centers! Heart Chart and Instrument Match Up See earlier post for heart charts! Instrument Match Up original idea is from here: Here is my version you can download, save, and print: Rhythm of Burgers and KABOOM! Sign Rhythm of Burgers is here: Kaboom idea is here- I just wrote 2 music notes on the large foam popsicle sticks from Dollar Tree: Boomwhacker Name That Tune (I hand wrote that title across the top of each page) and put each one in a plastic protective page. Write across the top so students know which way the music goes! These are just some of the centers I have had fun getting ready for! Enjoy!!

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