Friday, April 26, 2013

20 Days of School LefT!!!!!

Yikes! It seems I just got back to school.. well.. I did, after a 3 month medical leave and I'm back with a wound vacuum, which has been fun to try to explain to the kiddos what that big black purse-looking thing is hanging on my hip! I was a little worried about it, but should have known; they are resilient and ignore it! We've been working on centers and today I had first grade and wish now that I had put the camera in my classroom in my purse to bring home! I snapped a few "priceless pics" today! SO funny! Today I had first grade so here are the centers we worked on: Heart Chart with Boomwhackers (which we did as a whole class first while I projected the chart and showed them what to do), Drawing Notes, Melody Harp (also called Music Makers or lap harps and this is their FAVORITE!!), Instrument Match Up and Free Play at a movement station (with cards showing various possible movement directions.. see earlier post using movement cards) and Free Play at glockenspiels in C pentatonic and also a floor piano (another favorite!). The kiddos were so upset when they had to line up and can't wait until next week when we do some more.. they LOVE them!

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