Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Music Center Ideas

I found this idea on another blog but made the sheet myself- great idea; can't remember whose blog it was on.. I would love to give credit where it is due... I LOVE Boomwhackers and use them often even though I have a full compliment of Orff instruments... the kiddos love them, too! This is great creative composition practice! Here's what the direction sheet at the station will say: Heart Chart and Boomwhacker Station Each person in your group is responsible for 2 boomwhackers that are the SAME color- you may use red, orange, yellow, or green Boomwhackers ONLY!!! You have a 4 heart beat and an 8 heart beat chart included and dry erase markers. Start with the 4 beat heart chart. You can use quarter notes, eighth notes, or rests to compose your rhythm. Once you have worked TOGETHER to create your rhythm, you can play it on the boomwhackers. You will need to decide who plays what; do red and yellow play quarter notes and orange and green play eighth notes or does everyone play everything? Try it different ways and create new rhythms and songs! Another one I'm working on is called Kaboom, again, not sure who developed it, but it's another keeper: on popsicle sticks write 2 rhythmic notes (quarter note on one top, then immediately below it write a half note, etc.). I think I'll make about 20-25 sticks with various rhythms. On five or 6 sticks I'll write the word, "KABOOM". Here's what the instruction sheet for the station will say: Popsicle Stick Kaboom: You have a set of popsicle sticks with rhythms and on some of the popsicle sticks you will see the word, "KABOOM". You will need to work in a groupsof 2-4 people. When it's your turn, you pull out a stick. You add the rhythm values and tell the total number of beats (for example, a quarter note, TA, plus a quarter note equals 2 beats). If your group members agree with you, you get to keep the stick! If you pull a Kaboom stick you have to put all of your sticks back in the cup. Have fun with these- I'm developing a set of 5 stations for K/Grade 1 and another set of 5 stations for Grades 2-4. I also teach JrKindergarten, but they're a slightly different animal! Hee hee!

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