Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Asian Songs

It is almost Chinese New Year and I needed a few more songs to round out our songs from around Asia.  These songs are generic songs and could be used any time - not specific to Lunar New Year.

1. Jan Ken Pon Yo 

This is a Janken, or hand game song using "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It is a great mixed meter song, check out the previous post by clicking on the picture below.

2.  Hao Peng You

This is from my Sing a Song, Play a Game Book, and is such a fun game. This one is easy for even young singers!

3.  Cha Tsubo

This is from my Hands to Hands book and is a deceptively simple hand game that is really fun! Great for recorder also. My students create a B Section using names of teas!

 Hope you have fun with these - and that you find some things new for you and your students to sing and enjoy!

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