Friday, March 22, 2019

Wide Mouthed Frog - Two Ways

I have blogged about this lesson before as I LOVE this book and activity and it is perfect for spring when we start to hear and see more peepers out and about! For those who have seen it before, HOLD ON because this post has some new things!
Happy Spring! Here in the South, we have green grass, budding trees, and daffodils are swaying in the wind!  
This time of year always reminds me of frogs, for some reason, and so I break out all my frog songs in addition to flowers, rain, chicks and bunnies.
For those of you with snow still, spring IS coming!!!
You are going to need this book, get the popup version- a MUST have!

A frog puppet is another perfect accessory but not "needed" for the activity. :)
Folkmanis Funny Frog Hand Puppet
As always, if you want the full pdf of both lessons, send me an email request at
Happy Spring!

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