Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Rap Tap Tap MIOSM

I am a fairly new convert to instagram. I say convert because I used to get a lot of my teaching ideas from pinterest and facebook. Instagram has a plethora of music teachers and it is growing daily with wonderful teachers (among others) sharing lessons, teaching ideas, etc.
I have used the book, "Rap Tap Tap" before, but haven't used it in a long while.  Then, just yesterday, I saw a post from the amazing @snapclappattersonmusic and it all came together!
Music in Our Schools Month is just a few days away and this is a wonderful transition from Black History Month as this year's theme is All Music, All People.  Love the inclusivity of the theme!  Try something new this month- get out of your American folk song comfort zone and share information, culture, and musical culture of students from around the United States - we are from so many places with rich music histories and ways of using music to celebrate, dance, sing, mourn, and bring together communities.

1.  Rap Tap Tap

Read the book, after each page, say, "Rap, tap, tap, think of that". Rhythm is quarter, quarter, quarter, rest, quarter, quarter, quarter, rest.

2. Rhythm sticks

Read book again, add rhythm sticks with speech.

3. Tap Dancing Demo

@snapclappattersonmusic had her students stand and tap dance the rhythm of "Rap, tap, tap, think of that" after each page. 
I showed my students the following videos first: 
Savion Glover, Signature Demo (it is a commercial for a fridge, but the fridge isn't seen until the very end, cool fridge!)

Then I had my students stand and try out some tap moves. This video is SO nice and slow and really perfect for our wee ones!

4. Tap with Book

Now we are ready to tap the rhythm already learned - stand and tap dance the rhythm of "Rap, tap, tap, think of that" after each page. I had my kiddos try out some heels, toes, and brush steps and they rocked it!
So fun! Now go check out this AMAZING post from Elizabeth at Organized Chaos for a lesson already ready for you using the book, "My Family Plays Music".  This one is perfect for SO many grade levels. 
Happy (Almost) Spring!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out. I'm so glad you enjoyed the My Family Plays Music lesson idea! I am a similar IG convert and agree there are some amazing ideas there for music teachers, including so many great ones from @snapclappattersonmusic - love the tap dancing idea!

    1. My kids LOOOVED that one- I am really loving IG but am amazed at how many teachers are videoing their students. I am surprised that schools still allow it.

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