Tuesday, January 15, 2019


This is the season of snow for many of us in the US, although I get substantially less here in NC than my friends and family get in my home state of Maine!  I always loved snow forts, sledding, and making snow creatures growing up, so here is a fun song and activity to reinforce eighth and quarter notes, perfect for your first or second graders. The Orff accompaniment is really intended for the teacher as chord changes are not something I do until about third grade. You could also just accompany the kids with ukulele, too - simple enough with C and G7 chords.
Once students have made a snow sculpture, I tell them a magical snow sculptor came to town and blew the snow into bigger shapes (this is when they start creating with 2 people, then 3, etc.).  See below for more info and check out the facebook video I posted this morning @o for tuna orff and also on instagram - @Aimee_ofortunaorff.
As always, if you would like the pdf, simply shoot me an email - musicquilt@hotmail.com.

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