Tuesday, January 8, 2019

How do you "do" vocal dictation/exploration within your classroom?

1.  I posted a video on my facebook site - @o for tuna orff  this morning so go check out some other things to do.  Check it out here!

2.  Vocal Exploration to Staff Notation

Click here for previous blog posts about vocal exploration including these (there are 113 slides in the set and it is FREE!).

3. Vocal Exploration Cards and Ideas

Bushfire Press also has a set of free cards and several ideas here.

4. Winter Vocal Exploration Cards

Another set of vocal exploration cards, these are from a Winter Set I made. Again, FREE!

5.  More and More!

My friend, Jennifer, from Yellow Brick Road blog, has a great blog post about why and how as well as several fun activities to explore. Check it out here. 

So, how do you "do" vocal exploration?

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