Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Favorite Halloween Posts

I was thinking today of all my previous posts and wanted to share a few old and "older" posts for Halloween fun!  Several activities do not mention Halloween overtly, but have more subtle overtones for those of you that can't have a lesson with "Halloween". 
I seem to gravitate towards books at Halloween!  There are so many wonderful books to use! 
Nightsong Check out the song and activity here.

Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters. Click here for this super fun one! 
In the Hall of the Mountain King. Check out the post here for a HUGE list of activities- not only books! 
Rhythm Dictation with Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes - this is so much fun! The first slide in every pairing of slides has the words only- teachers speak the rhythm and students write it, then the 2nd slide has the rhythm. Great for assessment and self-assessment. 
Pass the Pumpkin is always a HUGE hit with my kiddos!  

Creepy Crawly Spiders is an original song where the students make a spiders web out of yarn and keep the beat with the created web! 

Looking for more?  Check out all my Halloween posts here.
Happy Fall y'all! :)

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