Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Favorite Halloween Books

There are so many wonderful childrens books for this fun time of year- for many ages!  

1.  Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters

I fell in love with Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters recently, such a cute monster book with wonderful illustrations and very adorable monsters! 

2.  Skeleton Cat

Another favorite is Skeleton Cat!  This oh-so-groovy book is filled with rhythms - play your favorite drum or rap track (I play mine from garage band) and read the book in a rhythmic way- once you have read the book you will see all the places you can swing the rhythm. There is a frequently repeating rhyme that begins with, "Rattle. Rattle. Clink" and all other words following this part up to "ka-plink, ka-plink, ka-plink".  Speak the first three words, have students echo, then the next sentence, etc. up to the final "ka-plink". Have students add improvised body percussion, then bring out the bucket drums!  Practice playing the first three words on top, then next sentence as rims, then a fast roll on "Purrrrrr", Add the final three words with drumsticks tapping and Skeleton Cat will be jamming!

3. If you're a Monster and You Know It


This delightful book is so much fun to sing and play with your itty bitties - to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It".
The illustrations are fabulously fun and students would love to cut and glue paper to create their own monsters, then sing about them - as in my previous post, "Sing Me A Monster".

4.  Nightsong 

I posted about this beautiful book and song before - here is the original post with the song and activities. 
Hope you have enjoyed the post! Leave a comment with your favorite books for fall or Halloween!



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  1. Could you provide what beat you used for skeleton cat from Garage Band?


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