Friday, September 21, 2018

Vocal Exploration to Notation

This is a resource I created to help students go from vocal exploration to notation. Use the individual colored slides for younger students and ask - where does it move, high to low, low to high?  Does it go up and down, etc.  You could also use these for movement pathways. Notice there is no clef so you can use them right side up or upside down.   If you would like to have the full  pdf with 113 slides, please send an email to

Each slide begins with a colored vocal exploration or movement pathway:
The next slide places the staff on the slide:
Notes are added:
Then the image is removed:
Here are a few others:

Hope you enjoy these!


  1. Thank you! I’d love the slides. I will email you, soon. I hope!

  2. I'd love these slides. Thank you!

  3. I'd love to have the slides for this activity! This is a nice melding of a couple of different activities I've done. Thank you! (email) (google)