Thursday, February 22, 2018

Painted Music

If I had not been a music teacher, I probably would have been an art teacher or struggling artist/musician.  My love for all things arts and crafts is as deep and as wide as my love for all things musical.  And then there are books.. those lovely pages into which I can meet a Scottish prince, or learn more about history, or make realizations about my own beliefs and values. My parents still talk about how I would come down to the breakfast table with a book in my hand and not let go of it the whole time I was getting ready to eat and while eating. As an adult, I often have several books going at one time, although I have fallen in love with historical fiction and currently am engrossed in  London, England, in 1503 and Henry VIII.  I also cannot pass a book store without going in and immediately am drawn to the children's section to see if I can find something to use for my classroom.
My love of music, art, and children's literature combines with my new book, Painted Music.  Huge thanks to all the publishers of the nine different books for granting permission to use these in the activities and songs!  Another huge shout out to Brent Holl, publisher and editor extraordinaire (Beatin' Path Publications) for his help and experience in putting this together in such a lovely way! 
Hope you check it out- there are tons of supplemental materials online also! 


  1. Looks fun! I bet my art teacher friend would love to collaborate with me on some lessons. Quick note: as I was browsing your books on the purchasing site I noticed that the blurb for Hands to Hands is actually the blurb for Hands to Hands, Too.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Thanks for catching the slip - I will get the publisher to take a look!

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