Monday, February 19, 2018

Broom Dance and Other Favorite Folk Dances!

I love folk dances and love when I see someone post a question on facebook about their favorite folk dance.  I recently learned the Broom Dance from friend Leslie B. on fb and she kindly directed me to Martha Riley, who shared her directions with me and gave permission to share here!  Enjoy!  As always, if you would like the pdf, send your request to
This has quickly become a favorite with all my students - a nice 5 minute end to class- and would be a great dance to teach at a family music night!

1.  The Broom Dance

Another Broom Dance!

2.  Wassouma -

Another one I learned from the AOSA facebook page.  This one is from Suriname, a country in North East South America.  Such a great energetic dance!  The music is from "Bulgarian, Balkan and International Folk Dances" from the Folk Arts Center of New England.

3.  Chimes of Dunkirk

From New England Dancing Masters

4.  Yesh Lanu Tayish

Shared with me by another dear internet friend!  My second graders BEG to do this dance!

5.  Chilili

This is another one that is simple, yet so satisfying!  I teach this at my Hands to Hands workshops and it has become a quick favorite!

Hope you enjoy learning some new dances with your kiddos!


  1. Thanks for sharing! kids have really enjoyed learning, lovely assortment of dances

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