Monday, May 2, 2016

More Singing Games

I posted last week a collection of 18 Singing Games you can download.  Click here for the original post and to get the link for the download.
  I am fascinated and a bit obsessed about singing games and clapping games!  While I was working on the project, Denise Gagne of Musicplay contacted me about some singing games. She has several resources, including several volumes of "Singing Games Children Love" that I have used many times. 
Denise also has a new resource, .  Once you have registered you can search for songs a variety of ways and several have videos with song notation and a demo of children playing the games.  The two games below, Seven Up and Our Old Sow, are presented here with permission.
Seven Up is available to watch on the site and is in Singing Games Children Love Volume 3 and Musicplay Grade 3.

Our Old Sow is another game my students LOVE!  It is available in Singing Games Volume 4 and Musicplay Grade 5.  This is also available on the musicplay site and there is a video of children playing the game there and also one available on youtube. 
Have fun with these! :)



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