Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gettin' Me Eire On!

Ireland, oh, Ireland!
Someday I'm going to visit ye!!
I'll sit in a pub with a pint or two,
And fiddle and jig far across the sea.
My students hear a lot of reels and jigs this time of year, as well as some Celtic music.  There are a lot of choices from youtube but I tend to use the CD's from Step Lively and there is a lot of reels/jigs from New England Dancing Masters so if you have any of their collection you probably have some wonderfully authentic sounding jigs and reels.  I love the Irish Reel Medley from New England Dancing Masters. From youtube I love this Irish Reel Medley and the video shows a bodhran, fiddle, pipes, and guitar. Lively arrangement!
Rhythm Play
My students are playing spoons and drums to this while I show 4 beat rhythms they have to play. Every 16 beats I switch to a new rhythm, say, "One, two, ready, play" and they are off for another 16 beats playing the next card.  Great assessment tool, too!
Irish dances
One of my favorite folk dances (and students) is "Brian Boru," an Irish dance in  "Teaching Movement and Dance."
Another "The Bridge of Athlone" can be found in the previously mentioned "Listen to the Mockingbird" by the oh-so-very-wonderful New England Dancing Masters.
This is one of my favorite activities with Susan Ramsey (probably an Orff levels class) and it is so very fun.  I play it with first grade on up with varying degrees of complexity.  They LOVE it!
Leroy Anderson's Irish Washerwoman with gorgeous background of Ireland!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. The video with Susan Ramsay is indeed an Orff Level 1 class that was held at Lee University in 2012. I'm the ponytail on the left. :) Sitting here searching for St. Patty's Day activities and this pops up. Ha!

    1. I love it!! Thanks for the comment! Susan is wonderful; I'm sure it was an amazing Level 1!


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