Monday, February 29, 2016

Five Favorite Pins of February

I am linking up with Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room for a Linky Party of our Five Favorite Pins from the month of February!  I can't believe how fast the beginning of the year has flown!  Springing into Spring! 

1. Twelfth Street Rag
I love this colorful, clear visual! Check out the pin here.

 This is from the fabulous blog of  Seriously wonderful ideas and loaded with pictures! 
2.  Music and Feelings using characters from Inside Out here.
3.  Musical Fractions.  Oh how I love colorful visuals!  Check out the pin here.
Original post here:
4.  Whole Note with a Partner
On Pinterest I keep a board called "Music Concept Skill Activity Videos".  This not only keeps my Pinterest boards organized, but also helps tremendously when I am looking for an activity to teach me or remind me, "How does that go again?". 
I love this idea, not only for whole notes, but I use similar basketball and ball activities to reinforce/re-introduce rhythmic concepts of quarter,half, etc. notation. 

5.  Another one from the same Pinterest board, and this (college prof?) has a bunch of these videos posted on youtube that are great for teaching folk songs, dances, and activities!  My third graders really loved this and now come in begging to sing and try the game again faster and faster!
Hope you enjoyed some of these!



  1. Wow, all these pins are great and I can easily implement these activities in my Phoenix pre-k. I am sure kids will love doing these activities. Lately, we have been studying about Easter eggs in the class. Truly we had a fantastic Easter week!!

    1. If you teach older kids you might be interested in these rhythm eggs to play with:


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