Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snowflakes Song for Kindergarten/First/Second Graders

I am linking up today with Elizabeth from Organized Chaos. 
We're hoping... and wishing... and dreaming of snow here in North Carolina!  I am from the snowy state of Maine and living here in NC for the past 18 years I can honestly say I don't miss Maine in the winter. But, ah, the summer!!! LOVE it and miss my ocean terribly!  Good thing I get to visit there almost every summer! 

Here is a snowflake song for younger students. I actually planned it to use with kindergarten and re-wrote it today to use with my kindies. We use the song with snowflakes (white feathers) and ice skates (paper plates.. yup- they work GREAT).!  Process:
Teach song, half the class at the glockenspiels with F's and B's (franks and beans or burgers and fries or buffalo's and flamingo's, however you say these bars) removed, practice singing and playing in the appropriate places.
Other half of class performs the skating on paper plates while singing, each holds a white feather and when the song is over students blow feathers into the air while glocks improvise (as quietly as a snowflake!) as long as the "snowflake" (feather) is in the air.  Once the "snowflake" is on the ground they stop improvising. I award "snowflake kisses" (extra feathers) to each student who stops as soon as the feather touches the ground. That way they get more than one feather to blow into the air when it is their turn. It's so funny to see them try to stop at the exact moment of "touchdown"!
Switch jobs and perform again!


  1. Oh my goodness, what an unbelievably cute idea! I love the idea of watching the "snowflakes" falling down with feathers!!! Thank you for sharing these creative ideas. I'll definitely be using this with kindergarten next week :) #fermatafridays


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