Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dinosaur Song NEW!

I teach Junior Kindergarten, which means I have 4 and 5 year olds who are in a half-day program at my school.  They are L.I.T.T.L.E!  Cuties, for sure! Their classes leave me wrung out; exhausted!  And after only 30 minutes per class.  But things are BUSY with them and I always over plan just in case something doesn't work out during a lesson or we move too quickly through a particular song or concept. 
Right now my littles are learning about dinosaurs! ROAR!  Although I have lots of songs that are about dinosaurs, I wanted a song that helped them with a musical concept.  This morning while wandering through my stash, I came across some plastic bones I have used before (mainly at Halloween).  The kids love to play them like rhythm sticks, although we have to be a little more careful as they are plastic and not wood.  I got these at Dollar Tree several years ago but you could also use rhythm sticks and call these the bones!

I did find some here for sale and these are about 3-4" long.
These are from partycity.com and look to be about the same, also about 3-4" long.

 I keep everything in my room labeled like this with how many I have so I know I can have 12 children playing these (2 per child) and my students will need to have partners.  It makes it easier to label everything with the quantity!

So this morning after I found the bones I wrote a quickie to go with it.  You will get the general idea from the song; I will be using Garage Band to play along with them using a growly electric guitar on Smart Guitar (love that feature) and will hold my dinosaur bones to demonstrate what to do with them as I find this works better than me at an instrument for these littles; one class in particular has to have the assistant stay as she is a wiggly, wily, willful child who becomes angry very easily!  Yikes!
I will have the children learn the song first and play with our "human bones" (hands), then partner up, one student will get dinosaur bones and the other child will sit behind them. We will practice playing our bones in different ways, maybe even make some letters out of them, then sing and play with our "dinosaur bones".  The rhythms included are just suggested.  After I wrote the song (of course I printed it, too!) I thought of a second verse, "Dinosaur eggs..".  We will break out the "dinosaur eggs" (shakers) and play and sing that one, too! 
If you want a cleaner copy, email me at musicquilt@Hotmail.com and I will send you a jpeg or pdf file of the song. 
Happy Bone Playing!  (oops, does that sound weird).. ha ha!


  1. This is great! I love your little tip for including the quantity on the label for storage too. Now I need plastic bones! :) #fermatafridays

  2. This was perfect for my lesson with PK today! They're in their dinosaur unit and their teacher was super impressed!
    Thanks for the awesome idea!


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