Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back in the Music Room! Wahooooo!!!

Yippee- after a marathon clean up over yesterday and for 4 hours today, (ugh!) I'm baaaaaaack! In the music room, that is! And it's soooo clean, I'm lovin' it! We had to scrub mildew off some of my African drums and lots of the instruments. I'm so glad- it's actually been great to re-organize everything. I have also been busy while I've been in exile, ahem, on a cart, and have been making a lot of new games I've found on pinterest and other teachers' blogs. I blogged about the relay race I was going to do with my fourth graders and it was SUCH a hit. They were divided into two teams, shown an alphabet card (next time it will be a note on the staff; for this review it was great as we just used alphabet cards to review C scale), the team member ran up, grabbed the correct boomwhacker from the pile, played it once, ran to the front of the room where the staff was on the whiteboard, grabbed a fly swatter, pointed to the correct note on the staff, checked with me (quickly!), swatted the note, ran to the glockenspiel, played a C scale, ran back. Team member that was fastest earned a point for their team. I quickly showed the next card, game continued. If the teams tied, I showed TWO cards... big ooooo here! They loved it and so did I; it tied so many concepts together and was a great way to give them all time to play, review staff notes, and C scale- all in ONE game! Woohoo multitasking!

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