Monday, October 18, 2021

Monster Trouble/ In the Hall of the Mountain King

 Monsters, Monsters, how much do I love thee?

Younger Children

I love using In the Hall of the Mountain King but with little ones I do this activity. It is a fun activity using locomotor movement and a modified melody. 

Older Students

 If you have the book, In the Hall of the Mountain King, I start this lesson by reading the book.

Decode the rhythm. 
See previous posts for additional ideas.

Create Music "Trolls" or "Troll Kings" or "Monsters":
Here is my example:
Step by step directions:

Some of my students creations:

Next, we learn this speech piece and perform it by opening the monster (high), closing it (low), turning around for "monster everywhere" and moving it side to side quickly for "fast" and slow for "slow", then running in place for "go go go". 
Then we perform the speech piece with the book, Monster Trouble, every 3-4 pages. SO MUCH FUN!

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