Saturday, September 25, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month Part 2

 There are so many wonderful songs to sing, books to read, and music to listen, dance, and play along with! 

This is a fabulous video made by Nickelodeon about well-known icons, artists, musicians, and heroes! 

Check out this post from 2020! Lots of great resources including children's literature!

Here is Part 1! 

Here are a few more favorites:

El juego chirimbolo - sheet music from Beth's Notes here.

Dos y dos son cuatro from the Holy Names University site.

Por aqui paso un caballo from my Hands to Hands book. The first version is more traditional and played with a partner. Version 2 is for a group of four.

Try this version for a *little* more fun! 

En le calle ventricuatro from Hands to Hands.

This lesson on Tito Puente, complete with moveable building blocks using elemental forms is a Patreon exclusive - for less than the cost of your monthly coffee - resources, webinars, children's literature resources, videos, etc. More and more is added every month - come join the community! 
Hope you enjoy all of these! Happy Hispanic and LatinX Heritage Month!

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