Saturday, August 21, 2021

New Community to Learn and Grow With!

 I am so excited to announce my new community of music makers and teachers!  

If you have spent any time on the blog you know how important sharing is to me. Sharing my creativity and experience in teaching music using the Orff Approach has been gratifying, exciting, and a tremendous honor.  There are a plethora of posts here, on Facebook, and Instagram, and I present at workshops and conferences in the US and Canada.  I also create lesson activities and exclusive playful and process-based lessons and video chats on my Patreon page for the O For Tuna community. 

We are all looking for ideas to streamline and energize our music classrooms. We are all wanting to be the best we can be for our students- more organized, prepared, excited, and to make lesson planning easier. For about the price of a latte mocha once a month, you will connect with other music teachers who are excited to grow and learn together. We will have Zoom discussions, work on lesson planning, develop children's literature into music activities, attend workshops, and much, much, more.  I hope you will consider joining us! Check it out here! 

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