Friday, January 8, 2021

Seeds of Love MLK

 As I write this, our country is grieving and angry. Emotions are high, and lives have been lost. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is approaching and a change of leadership in our country is at hand. Impeachment proceedings are upcoming and our country has experienced a tumultuous moment of violence in the midst of a global pandemic. The times we are in are not, by anyones definition, NORMAL. I do not have answers. I do not have enough words. But I know music is a way for my students to process and acknowledge what they are hearing in their homes and classrooms. Music is a way to open conversation and empathy. I began singing a song I learned many moons ago - Seeds. I was also singing the song, "Give Light" and knew those two songs would help my students (and me) to further growth, courage, and strength during times of frustration, grief, and confusion. 

1.  Books

These are books I will be using in my classroom over the next many weeks. Some I will read, some will be sung (in our heads, hearts, and homes), and others will be used as jumping off points to create poetry, rhythms, melodies, and speech or body percussion work. 

2. Songs

We Shall Overcome The Story of a Song (this is also a book - I HIGHLY recommend this video and have used it many times with my students). 

Seeds by Gemini - One of my all-time FAVORITE songs to sing with students. It is just lovely. 

Movement for this song can be found here - as well as a lovely description about planting seeds of kindness. 

Sing About Martin  - Echo song PERFECT for the littles.

Martin Luther King

Give Light -
I have posted about this before numerous times and cannot say enough about this song in times of darkness- students and adults alike LOVE this song! 

Glory with new lyrics by Franklin Willis - The new lyrics Franklin wrote are SO perfect for right now!! Check out the instagram video here! 

3. Play Alongs and Body Percussion Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Play Along

Martin Luther King Jr. Rhythm Match Up 

We All Sing with the Same Voice
- the book is above - here is a sing aloud: 

You can also add the following body percussion - these are the scaffolded slides:

Want all this in one place?  Click HERE to get all this as a Google Slide - you will be asked to make a copy and then can rearrange and edit to make it the most useful for your classes. 

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