Friday, May 29, 2020

Summer PD Free and Fee

The Best of Times...The Worst of Times — Carol McLeod Ministries ...

We have experienced the worst of times.  We have also experienced outpourings of gratitude, appreciation, and love.  We have seen a country divided over masks, race, and so many other problems. But we have also seen a coming together to help others in need and, especially in the music education world, an outpouring of sharing, caring, and connecting.
There have been so many wonderful webinars and workshops online lately! This summer the possibilities and options are richer than ever before.
So, here is a partial list - please let me know what courses you find and I will add them to the list.


Colorado Kodaly Tuesday Webinars - varied presenters.
 Facebook - International Sunday Sharing USA - every Sunday Live only
Midnight Music Monthly Training
Southern Methodist University Intro to Orff Course (offered 2x), Intro to Kodaly
Los Angeles Chapter of AOSA summer workshop plans, cost to be determined.
Teaching With Orff summer workshop plans, cost to be determined.

Fee/Credit Options

Detroit Orff Chapter Sharing session, Responsive Classroom for Music/Art/PE Teachers study, Book Study, $5.00-$10.00
Witchita State University Kodaly courses - $16.00-$52.00
MusicEd Forward course "Advocating for Sound Music Learning in Fall 2020 and Beyond, $27.00
World Music Drumming has MANY Summer Samplers - $20.00 per hour, most courses between 2 and 4 hours.
Musitex College has three courses around music technology and online teaching $39.00-$99.00
Kansas Orff Chapter of AOSA Online Workshop - $50.00
Kodaly Levels Seattle - 4 courses - $75.00 each or all for $250.00
MusicEd Forward - various courses and costs
International Music Education Summit $97.00
The Artie & Denise Online Odyssey - $100.00
Southern Methodist University, many course offerings, $150.00-$300.00
World Music Pedagogy course Teaching Music/Teaching Culture $195.00
University of Kentucky four Orff course offerings - $215.00 each
Kodaly Music Institute has eight course offerings - $275.00-$425.00
Anderson University Dalcroze and Ukulele courses $300.00-$800.00
Anderson University Orff Curriculum and Orff Masterclass courses $625.00-$800.00
George Mason University has five courses - $310.00-$1336.00
Vandercook College of Music offerings include Kodaly, Orff, Technology, and others. $350.00 per credit hour, courses are 1, 2, or 3 credit hours ($350.00/$700.00/$1050.00).
University of Bridgeport, MSED 530X: Inclusion in the Orff-based Classroom, 2 graduate credits $1330.00


  1. Thank you for your posts. I am always learning new things or finding different ways to teach a lesson that I like better. How can I contact you to ask a question? My principal has asked me to look into some stuff for this coming year and I could use some advice. Thanks!

    1. Please send me a PM on facebook -@o for tuna orff