Friday, August 17, 2018

Music Room 2018

Relational Teaching. This is important in my community. Important, discussed, encouraged, and celebrated. Challenging for those of us who teach huge numbers of students. Our co-curricular faculty (Spanish, art, music, PE, media, science, and tech) decided to forego the typical team or class awards in favor of celebrating the individual and honoring those students who "Go Beyond" (our school motto).
I am doing this in a number of ways- swag tags from Tracy King, AKA The Bulletin Board Lady (on Teachers Pay Teachers), Cool Kid Spray, inspired by David Row from Make Moments Matter (which my kids already love), and being a Bell Ringer/Chicken Squawker (see my video on Facebook @ofortunaorff. I am also doing something new with classroom management and I already love how concise and easy it it has been to describe and enforce.
Here is the tour of the room, take a peek them go check out the post and video on Facebook to see how I use all these things in the classroom! @ofortunaorff

I also recently posted about re-wrapping my mallets - head over to facebook - @ofortunaorff to check out the video!

"Cool Kid Spray" - ridiculously fun and students yesterday (first day of school) loved it!

Check out the windows - Crayola makes window markers and they were so much fun to use!

And a pic of me as I start my 25th year of teaching and my daughter starts Middle School!  Happy New School Year!

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  1. Thanks! Can you share your new classroom management plan with us?


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