Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Games to Play Outside (Or In) FUN!!!

Singing games are so much fun and there are so many fun games that work inside as well as out!
Here are a few of my favorite:

One, Two, Three O'Leary/One, Two, Three a Learie

This song is often cited as Irish, although it was first collected in California as an Anglo-American playground game, see Sail Away book, page 24.
There are several versions and ways to play.  My favorite way to play is version 2 (see songs below) and can be found here:
 Here is a different view:

Hope you enjoy all of these and get outside (or stay in and have some fun)!


  1. Love these! I'm thinking of trying the O'Leary game next week. Question: Does the first person in the line ever get a chance to move to another spot in the line? How do you facilitate that?

    1. After every couple of turns I have the person in the front move to the back and everyone shifts up.

    2. Awesome! I thought that might be the case. :-) I ended up having the kids come up with creative ways to shift things around. Thank you so much!


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