Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rhythm Stick Song

Most of us teach multiple grade levels. I teach 4 year olds through 94 year olds.  I skip 12 year olds through somewhere in the 60's, though. I think that probably needs explaining, right? I teach Junior Kindergarten through fourth grade and also facilitate music and drum circles at an assisted living center every 2-3 months.
The youngest were probably my most difficult age to plan for starting out as a brand new teacher and I continue searching for great material to add to my "collection".  We all know how it is - in a singular 30 minute lesson with the younger kiddos we might go through 10-15 activities!  Interestingly, my oldest sometimes seem the same!
I seek materials from various sources; blogs, bools, fellow teachers, and websites. Several years ago I found a childrens music performer named Nancy Stewart. Each month she posts a Song of the Month!  You can search by category, year/month, and alphabetically, and even better - all her songs are downloadable, some have visuals to download, and most have the sheet music to download - all for FREE! YES!  There are songs for Eid, Christmas, St. Patirck's Day, Diwali, Valentines, seasonal songs and everything in between. Most of the music is original and I have found some really wonderful material! 
One of my favorites is the Rhythm Stick Song.
 Nancy so kindly gave me permission to share the song with you here - the mp3 is available on her site - click the link above.  

Hope you enjoy it - my kiddos do!  We also make up additional verses - "With my sticks I run...", walk, hop, etc.

My favorite rhythm sticks are the Basic Beat Combination Sticks pictured below. I love these - perfectly sized at 8" long, no splintering, and one is smooth and the other ridged.  They are about $3.00 a pair, and an awesome investment!  You can get them here from West Music.

Have fun with these!
Happy New Year!

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