Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beat Stays Steady Beat Stays Same, Beat Does Not Ever Change

Well.. it's a nice saying but not entirely true-- the beat sometimes gets faster and rarely gets slower, but it does sometimes change. But let's not confuse the little ones - beat or pulse in a song stays the same. 
There has been a lot of conversation on several facebook groups I subscribe to about using beat buddies AKA beanie babies or stuffed animals filled with weighted beads.  These lovely critters make an appearance in my classroom quite frequently with my littles - I have Junior Kindergarten - 4 and 5 year olds and Kindergarten kiddos who really love them.

1.  Oh the Horse Stood Around

2.  Knees a Knees a Pizza Pie
Here is a previous post of another steady beat activity I use with my youngest students at the beginning of each music class.

3.  Can You Bounce Me?

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